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Top 10 KPIs in purchase to pay

ArticleSusie West, CEO02.03.2012 Comments (2)Bookmark

Monitoring key performance indicators is critical to identifying problems and improving your purchase to pay operations. Here are Susie West's top ten.

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Top 10 KPIs in purchase to pay, procure to pay, P2P, Top 10

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Lakshmi Narayanan Srinivasan HP 05.02.2015

This is great article. Thanks. I would suggest to category the KPI listing as per area of impact

Debbie Calianno plano PepsiCo 16.07.2014

This is a great list of Top 10 for P2P KPI's. The focus for P2P or any process is ensuring that you have the lowest end to end process cost while also ensuring strong controls.