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What to ask when buying e-invoicing

ArticleSusie West, CEO20.09.2012 Comments (1)Bookmark

The five less obvious but hugely significant considerations when buying e-invoicing.

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Chris Cosgrove CloudX 02.10.2012

Interesting and thought provoking piece regarding e invoicing.

For many businesses we've consulted with, e-invoicing is not the shortest road to glory for a couple reasons:

- Difficulty in supplier adoption stemming from a lack of timeliness

-Inability to mandate adoption for SMB to smaller enterprise level companies

So, the approach we've taken is to empower them through a document process outsourcing strategy and accelerate the processing of all paper & image based invoices without burdening the client with the system management and implementation efforts typically required of traditional capture/workflow solutions.

You can read more about that here