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Are you making the most of e-invoicing?

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Electronic invoicing

We are all well aware of the benefits that e-invoicing can bring to finance shared services. We’re told time and again that increased visibility, control, and decreased cost are all within our grasp. Yet many organisations who have implemented e-invoicing have yet to tangibly realise these advantages. We want it all, but often don’t make the most of the opportunity to achieve true touchless processing and all the paybacks it can bring, thus limiting the potential of shared services as a whole.

Simply purchasing and implementing an e-invoicing solution is not in itself the result.

So let’s go back to the basics and articulate exactly what it is we want shared services to look like: efficient, effective, and so slick that it allows valuable resources to be concentrated on the front end of the business. This is only achievable when transactional processes are so automated they don’t require any manual intervention at all.

This is the real invoice nirvana: when all documentation is electronic, when you have a 100% match rate, and when you can lift critical business intelligence directly from the raw data.

So why do we so often get stuck along the way? We know the transformation will be powerful, but what’s stopping us from reaching this goal?

On 21st February 2013, will be hosting a webinar in association with BancTec to discuss the four critical areas of e-invoicing implementation that you need to get right to be able to move elegantly to nirvana. Register your place today.

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