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How can you use complexity to your advantage?

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At, we have seen shared services organizations completely change character over the past decade, in both scope and size. The first shared services organizations were single function driven, including only the most basic back office processes. Finance and accounts payable, for example, which are ripe for automation.

PuzzleThese days, however, the more mature and leading shared services organizations are moving away from providing purely transactional services, and are increasingly seen as a value-adding partner to the business as they become more involved in strategic planning.

But in order to get to this level of maturity, these shared services organizations need to have mastered performance measurement and analysis. They need to be able to navigate their way through the complexity of multiple functions, processes and technologies, suck out the key performance data, and turn this into action prompting business intelligence.

So why don’t they also provide this as a service to their internal customers?

Most shared services organizations have had to prove their worth to the business, and their processes will have been scrutinised every step of the way. To once they have become a streamlined, efficient and effective organization, it seems logical for them to then apply their expertise in this area to help their customers do the same.

I was talking to Kelly Noto, Director of Operations at 3c InSight, a business analytics solutions company, and she said that as shared services organizations grow, so should their capacity to deliver performance measurement and analysis as a service.

How far has your organization matured in this respect? Have you even considered the value-adding potential of providing performance measurement and analysis as a service? If so, we’d like to hear from you. Take part in this unique, game-changing survey to find out what the leading shared services organizations are doing in this field.

As a thank you for taking part in this survey, you will receive a free benchmarking report of the results, and five lucky respondents will be awarded an ‘access all areas’ pass to The European Summit for Shared Services Leaders, taking place in London, 19th to 21st March.

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