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Taulia and Cloud Trade announce partnership

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Electronic invoicing

Taulia announced earlier this week that it has entered into a partnership with Cloud Trade.

The fusion of Taulia’s established SAP add-on software with Cloud Trade’s new and patent pending cloud technology aims to scoop up the majority of low and medium volume suppliers that can sometimes get left behind when e-invoicing endeavours take off.

Common barriers to adopting e-invoicing processes or onboarding with a supplier portal can include the cost of change.

What’s different about the Cloud Trade system is that it allows suppliers to send invoices in PDF format, something most are already able to do.

The data encoded in the document is then stripped out and converted into an electronic data file, or structured file, then validated and sent to the buyer’s processing system.

The Cloud Trade system also handles scanned paper invoices with a cloud-based OCR service.

The increased accessibility and ease has meant that Cloud Trade have so far been able to report between 80 and 90% supplier onboarding.

A customer of Taulia’s will be integrating the Cloud Trade solution and going live within the fortnight, so results are yet to be seen but all parties remain optimistic.  

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