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Esker helps organisations eliminate paper and improve business processes by integrating on-premise and on-demand document automation with applications — for higher efficiency in sales order processing, invoicing, accounts payable and purchasing to shorten order-to-cash and procure-to-pay cycles. Esker solutions address the challenges of manual document processing that limit an organisation’s ability to increase speed and accuracy, raise productivity, reduce complexity, control costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Company Overview

Esker provides an end-to-end solution for automating any inbound or outbound document process, enabling businesses to achieve significant efficiencies and cost reductions.

As a central platform for sending and receiving business-critical documents to and from customers and suppliers, Esker works with enterprise applications to eliminate paper-intensive manual processes while creating secure, compliant, and accountable document communication. Esker uses patented DeliveryWare Rules Engine technology to capture, read, format, and transport documents and document content via email, fax, PDF, web, print, XML, archive, or wireless.

Esker includes everything needed to manage business document processes, automates every phase of the document lifecycle, and requires no custom programming to implement. The addition of Fax on Demand or Mail on Demand provides hosted services that help eliminate the need for fax and mailroom infrastructure.

Esker solutions for order to cash

Solution that automates every phase of sales order processing - from the reception of a customer document to the creation of a corresponding sales order in your ERP system. With the ability to handle any type of incoming order format, the Esker solution makes every order electronic and instantly accessible.

The first SaaS (Software as a Service) solution to offer 100% automation of customer invoice delivery without changing customer preferences — effectively reducing billing errors while improving customer service. Integrating directly with invoicing applications, the Esker solution along with Esker worldwide processing facilities allow companies to automate archiving and delivery of electronic and paper invoices. A flexible web portal gives customers secure access to invoices and the ability to change invoice transport preferences at their convenience.

Esker solutions for procure to pay

Help organisations eliminate paper-based accounts payable processes with intelligent capture, touchless processing capabilities and electronic workflow. Invoice approval workflow is simplified and consolidated. Organisations can cut operational and administrative AP costs by 40-60%. Esker offerings include the first complete Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to gain higher efficiencies and shorten the procure-to-pay cycle.