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Kofax plc is the leading provider of capture enabled business process management solutions. Kofax solutions provide a rapid return on investment capturing information in an accurate, timely and cost effective manner and automating, managing and streamlining information intensive business processes.

Contact details

Kofax UK Limited
1 Cedarwood
Chineham Business Park
RG24 8WD

T. +44 (0)870 777 3767

F. +44 (0)870 7773768

Company Overview

Kofax plc is a leading provider of capture enabled business process management (BPM) solutions. For 25 years, Kofax has provided award winning solutions that manage the capture and streamline the flow of business critical information throughout an organisation in a more accurate, timely and cost effective manner.

Kofax solutions enable the capture of content from many common sources (paper, fax, email, sms etc.), either centrally or in a completely distributed fashion. Once the content is captured, the processes of understanding what has been captured (classification) are automated, separating the content into logical documents, and the extraction of business critical data contained within the captured document.

Our solutions automate the delivery of business content into customers' ERP, CRM, and / or line of business applications, removing error prone and costly rekeying and can even automate their post rooms. By reducing manual intervention and making documents immediately auditable (lowering risk and achieving compliance) the return on investment associated with our solutions is extremely compelling and impacts most organisations' bottom line within 12 months.

Over the years, Kofax has developed a global network of business partners to bring customers the full complement of skills and expertise required to automate their document driven business processes. With hundreds of partners in more than 70 countries around the world, this partner ecosystem helps customers get the most out of their investment, where ever they are.