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With Taulia, organizations easily automate and maximize supplier discounts while strengthening relationships and reducing friction within the financial supply chain. Through an award-winning product lineup including electronic invoicing, supplier self-services and sophisticated dynamic discounting, Taulia enables some of the most innovative brands in the world to truly partner with their suppliers.

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420 Taylor Street, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

Telephone: +1 415 376 8280
Fax: +1 415 520 0292
Twitter: @taulia
Facebook: /TauliaInc
LinkedIn: /Taulia-Inc.

Reasons to talk us

Here are some of the many reasons to contact us:

Supplier Recruitment:

  • Taulia’s commitment to free supplier access is a key differentiator and a critical component for supplier adoption. Combined with the solution’s ease of use, data analytics, and powerful cash management functionality, the solution offers a host of benefits for suppliers. 
  • Taulia’s comprehensive supplier enablement program, Taulia NowTM, uses sophisticated enrolment outreach strategies to enrol suppliers to the gateway.
  • In instances that the vendor master file lacks proper email addresses, Taulia Now has a parallel enrolment process involving direct mail and calling campaigns.
  • Taulia Now offers “follow the sun” enrolment with teams in the US, Germany, Spain and the UK dedicated to maintaining and strengthening supplier relationships, regardless of physical location. 
  • Typical Taulia customers have a third of their suppliers enrolled into the program within the first month, with adoption continuing to increase to well over 50%.

Electronic Invoicing:

  • Taulia firmly believes that an electronic invoicing & dynamic discounting offering must in no way involve a fee structure for suppliers; in simpler terms, if suppliers are charges fees, enrolment will suffer and ultimately the program will fail. 
  • Once enrolled, suppliers have access to free eInvoicing compliant in more than 40 countries and available in over 10 languages.
  • Taulia offers all common invoice submission methods, including integrated eInvoicing (eFileTM), connecting a supplier billing system directly with the Taulia network as well as uploads, flipping a PO, web form for non-PO or processing of email attachments via OCR with supplier verification.
  • All format and protocols are supported including EDI, Edifact, XML formats, text files, and others. Suppliers can also manually upload XML and CSV files within the Taulia front-end. 
  • To get you to 100% electronic, Taulia offers Inbox by TauliaTM, which allows suppliers to submit invoices as email. Taulia then processes the attachments, runs data capture, and in instances where verification is requires, requests the supplier (not you!) to correct any missing fields.
  • For suppliers already connected to other networks, such as Taulia partner OB10, suppliers can submit eInvoices to any buying organization connected to the Taulia SaaS platform, without additional charge.

Dynamic Discounting:

  • Taulia’s Dynamic Discounting aims at addressing the entire spend of a buying organization – not just those invoices submitted through a network. This dramatically increases the discount capture opportunity. 
  • Dynamic discounting can generate returns more than 50 times greater than Money Market Accounts (MMA) and Treasury Bonds (T-bonds). 
  • Taulia offers a variety of different discount options to allow buying organizations the opportunity to customize their dynamic discounting to fit their business needs. 
  • The solution supports both recurring and one-time discounts. Buyers can choose which types of discounts to offer and which groups of suppliers to offer them to. 
  • Taulia’s supplier facing front-end helps suppliers request Early Payments in return for a customer defined discount rate. Taulia offers tools such as the supplier Cash Planner to make it easy for suppliers to manage their need for cash and early payments and help accelerate the payment of approved invoices, meaning suppliers no longer need to rely on expensive factoring companies to help with their cash flow challenges. 
  • Taulia’s buyer facing back-end offers a variety of simple, yet powerful segmentation tools. These tools allow the buyer to group suppliers into Early Payment groups with different interest rates, different liquidity thresholds, as well as the option to inject third party financing for selected groups of suppliers (supply chain finance).
  • Because of Taulia’s seamless ERP back-end integration, the solution is able to extend the discount opportunities to 100 percent of the invoices for the buyer’s entire supplier base. Suppliers can request early payments on invoices while they are being approved or after approval, or they can opt to automatically accept any early payments.

Cash Management

  • Taulia’s solution supports both a buyer-funded and third party-financing model.
  • The buyer has full control and flexibility for specifying liquidity limits for the program, setting rates and segmenting suppliers based on various criteria, including region, size and spend categories. 
  • Taulia advises buyers about the optimal way to segment current suppliers and set rates using current and past spend, plus other relevant criteria. 
  • For the suppliers, the Cash Planner module allows them to specify any cash amount and the date on which they need the amount. The Cash Planner then suggests invoices that have been approved and are available for early payment to reach this amount. 
  • Another unique feature, CashFlowTM, allows suppliers to automatically accept all future early payment offers from the buyer, automating this process.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Taulia’s solution offers extensive reports and dashboards tailored for accounts payable, treasury and procurement. 
  • All provided reports and dashboards can be customized using the extensive functionality of Taulia’s software partners. For example, customers who also use any of SAP’s business analytics solutions, such as BW or SAP Business Objects Enterprise Performance Management solutions, may instantly utilize all information available from the Taulia solution. 
  • Transaction data can be downloaded to a reporting tool such as Crystal Reports for further analysis. 
  • The system maintains comprehensive audit logs for all actions taken.
Key clients

Coca-Cola Bottling, Pacific Gas & Electric, John Deere, Hallmark, PepCo, Bell Canada, Tim Hortons, Johnson Controls, Sealed Air, Dominion Energy, TELUS, Sauer-Danfoss 

Company Overview

With the world’s fastest growing buyer network for dynamic discounting, Taulia has exploded in growth over the past two years. Aiming to change how companies conduct business with one another, Taulia is overhauling the invoicing and payment landscape.

Taulia's Collective Business ExchangeTM provides eInvoicing, a comprehensive range of supplier self services, and an elegant dynamic discounting management solution. The solution also supports a variety of software vendors including Dolphin, ReadSoft, OB10, and others. Managing over $185 billion in spend, Taulia has offices in the United States, Canada, England and Germany.

Solution Overview

Taulia provides technology and services to enable organizations of all sizes to achieve real-time electronic and touch-less exchange of information across the entire Procure-to-Pay chain. The solution enables procurement to automate and maximize discounts to 100 percent of their supply base. Accounts Payable can benefit by eliminating non-productive tasks by providing suppliers with comprehensive self-services and free compliant electronic invoicing through its Software-as-Service (SaaS) platform. A key differentiator is the solution’s ability to offer discounts on all invoices regardless of submission methods (email/PDF, electronic, paper, EDI, etc.), something no other vendor can offer.

The solution, launched in January 2010, consists of a SaaS platform and a certified SAP Add-On. The certified SAP Add-On can be easily and quickly installed into the buyer’s SAP environment and provides secure connectivity to Taulia’s SaaS supplier platform. This duality provides rapid time to value with minimal resource requirements from the buyer’s IT department. It allows the buyer to fully leverage existing business processes and existing data in their SAP system. The buyer continues to maintain control and ownership of data at all times, eliminating the risk of data loss in the cloud.

For suppliers, Taulia’s collaborative gateway provides complete visibility into invoice status and cash-flow opportunities. Cash-strapped suppliers may choose to accept accelerated payments at the buyer-offered “interest rate” on-demand or can opt to activate Taulia CashFlow to be paid early on all invoices the moment they are approved. The system is compatible not only with SAP but also with a host of other ERP back ends, such as Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, PeopleSoft and many others.