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Top Image Systems

Top Image Systems

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Tim Woodhouse

Tel 07590 225436

Company Overview

Top Image Systems Ltd. (TIS) provides automated document capture solutions for the most efficient flow of information within and between organisations. TIS solutions accelerate business processes by integrating data of various types and from multiple sources, allowing organisations to utilise incoming data whilst minimising errors and optimising efficiency. Top Image Systems Ltd. was founded in 1991 and is a public company trading on NASDAQ.

The company operates internationally with branch offices in UK, Germany, North America, Latin America Singapore and Japan with local representatives across Europe and the Pacific Rim. TIS R&D is currently headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company delivers its solutions in more than 30 countries through direct implementations with clients as well as through a network of partners and system integrators. TIS is SAP certified and has approximately 41 installations configured with SAP.

Top Image Systems bring new approach to an old problem and we call it Enterprise Content Management for P2P. New, because it offers TIS’s Intelligent Template free Data Capture for paper invoices, an e-invoice/EDI gateway and configurator plus  the amazing PDFR technology for PDF invoices all in a single platform with optional smart Workflow which even allows invoice approvers the chance to 'approve on the move' on their smart phone.

TIS also support an ‘Outsourced’ solution, AP Dynamics, a SaaS based On-Demand Accounts Payable service for companies large or small. AP Dynamics is the first complete Software as a Service (SaaS) combined with critical Outsource benefits such as Data Validation, which guarantees that only 100% correct invoice data is sent back to your organisation, your accounts staff will never make a single invoice entry keystroke again!