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Trintech deliver full Record-to-Report solutions to automate and standardise the entire R2R process, including account reconciliation, journal entries, close tasks, governance, risk and compliance. Working with SSC’s across the globe, with hundreds of implementations in Centres of all shapes and sizes, we help them achieve their goals including lowering the cost to serve, optimising resources and delivering increased value.

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2nd Floor, 4-6 Throgmorton Avenue, London EC2N 2DL

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7628 5235

Company Overview

Trintech is the leading provider of solutions for the Record-to-Report process. Nearly 700 clients in 100 countries – including half of the Fortune 50 and the FTSE 100 – rely on our solutions to optimize resources, reduce costs, manage risk and monitor activities across the entire finance organization worldwide. Trintech’s Cadency™ platform automates the entire R2R cycle – including account reconciliation, close management, compliance, and financial reporting including XBRL tagging and regulatory filings.


Downloadable Content

ssi.pngShared Services Insights: Improving Record to Report Performance in 2015

Financial Shared Services are tasked with both improving finance efficiencies and reducing costs while providing a higher quality, higher value service to the business. In short, delivering more with less.They know the importance of driving standardisation and transformation at the process level, but find it difficult to know how and where to start due to the large number of ongoing projects.Our goal with this book is to help Financial Shared Services to start to address the ‘How’ and help build a roadmap to transformation to deliver costs savings, meet FTE goals, improve visibility, achieve a faster close, and improve resource optimisation.

ssc.pngHow to improve R2R peformance across your SSC in 2015

Is your R2R process efficient, leveraging cloud technology effectively & providing visibility across the business? These are just some of the factors that help define a leading R2R process.

Learn how to identify R2R process improvement areas and gain insight into how you can provide visibility and control both internally and externally whilst reducing risk and improving efficiency.