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e-Invoicing Europe 2012

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e-Invoicing Europe 2012

3rd-5th July 2012


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No more excuses.

The business case for e-invoicing is significant. And most of us that have rolled out e-invoicing only know the half of it. Only a fraction of these companies have tapped into the savings beyond e-invoicing that come from supply chain financing.

So stand back, open your minds, eyes and ears, and join as it hosts its annual e-Invoicing Europe 2012.

This excellent event is’s 4th annual e-invoicing conference designed to help companies succeed with their e-invoicing programmes. Here are ten reasons why you and every e-invoicing practitioner you know should come to this event:

  1. Gain insight into how EU policy and initiatives will affect your e-invoicing rollout
  2. Discover lessons that the private sector can learn from the Norwegian Government’s drive to 100% e-invoicing to really drive your electronic conversions forward
  3. Delve into detail on what functionalities each service provider offers through our ‘Learning Labs’ and ‘Tour the networks’ sessions
  4. Get the latest on interoperability between operators and find out how you can more easily interoperate your existing provider with your suppliers’ networks
  5. What e-invoicing pricing model works for you – join our service provider debate to dispel any myths that may have been circling around
  6. Top compliance expert from TrustWeaver shares how you can ensure e-invoicing VAT compliance within your business
  7. Customise your agenda depending on your e-invoicing maturity level: the evaluators stream (for the professional who has yet to go live) or the adopters stream (for the professional who has gone live)
  8. Pre-conference benchmarking survey results revealed in Susie West’s opening session
  9. Brainstorm solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges with peers in our tightly-facilitated and highly-interactive roundtable discussions
  10. Relax, unwind and network in an informal environment with our cocktail reception

With’s money-back guarantee, there is nothing to risk and everything to gain. So register today for e-invoicing success in 2012!

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e-Invoicing Europe 2012

3rd-5th July 2012

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We have highly discounted prices for early registrants.

DAY 1: Wednesday 4th July 2012


08.15 Registration and coffee

09.00 The changing landscape of e-invoicing in 2012
Stuck in a world of paper? Stuck with suppliers who are ‘different’? Stuck in culture that think paper is safer than electronic? STOP. 2012 is about change. And about letting the paper-past go. Join Susie West as she opens up with an inspiring session on the changing landscape of e-invoicing and how you, the user should be tuning into it.

Susie West

10.00 Round table 1: Let’s kick off. Get your KPIs at the ready (you will be told which ones you need in advance of the conference)
The first round table of the day is looking at industries. How mature is your industry? What network is the dominant one? Does this matter? How could you collaborate to introduce a game change in your industry? Be prepared to report back.

Facilitated by:

Susie West

10.45 Morning coffee and ARIBA demo

11.15 Will EU policy determine my future?
What’s going on at a European level? There’s talk of standards, regulation, interoperability. But what does it mean to my e-invoicing project? Let’s find out. This session breaks down information you need to know about in manageable chunks, separating the need-to-know from the rest.

Charles Bryant
Vice Chair

Anders Grangård
CEN/ISSS Workshop on Electronic Invoices in Europe

Olav Astad Kristiansen
Senior Advisor, Project Manager e-invoice

Kerry Jones
Assistant Director
EU Services Directive Implementation
Department for Business, Innovation & Skills


The evaluators
(for the professional who has yet to go live)

12.00 Round table 2: There are ten things to consider before you sign with a provider
What are they? In this round table you will be asked to examine five of them. These will be compared with Susie’s ten that have become best practice.

Facilitated by:

Susie West

13.00 Networking lunch and Captain’s Table sponsored by ARIBA

Stream A:
The evaluators
(for the professional who has yet to go live)

14.00 The business case bit
Get it wrong and you’ll look like an idiot. Get it right and your credibility mushrooms. There are certain elements of the business case that some evaluators forget to include. Don’t be one of them. Attend this session if your business case is: yet to be built; built but not credible; built but not compelling.

Marco Jansen, Manager Financial Services, Heineken


The adopters

(for the professional who has gone live)

12.00 80% conversion isn’t possible
Really? Are you sure? Who said? Break open this stream with a case study looking at the challenges they had to overcome to get from a tired 30% penetration to a glorious 80%. It wasn’t easy, but staying at 30% “just wasn’t an option”.

Vladimir Salovsky, Head of SSC Operations, Dixons Retails SSC

Stream B:
The adopters
(for the professional who has gone live)

14.00 Second wave countries and their readiness
Multinationals in Europe tend to attack the common regions first: DACH, Benelux, UK and Ireland, France, Benelux, Scandinavia and Iberia. What about the huge volumes that come from China, Mexico, India and Russia? How ready are these countries in terms of legal status? This 45 minute summary will bring you up to speed with countries that are more complex but represent huge volume.


14.45 Round table 3: bring your number one challenge
Challenges are not show stoppers – just a chance for you to really shine. Though they don’t feel like this at the time. In our pre-conference study you would have shared with us your number one challenge. We will gather these challenges and group them. You’ll join a table with your challenge, and leading the table will be the Master of the challenge. You will be invited to talk about your experience and a number of solutions will be presented to you. All of which will be practical, proven and applicable.

Facilitated by:

Susie West

15.30 Afternoon tea and Certipost demo

16.00 What can the private sector learn from the Norwegian Government’s drive to 100% e-invoicing by 2016?
From 1st July 2012, all government agencies in Norway are mandated to demand e-invoicing with a standard format. The Norwegian Government is expected to save 14 million Euros over the next 10 years through this project and will have converted 100% of its 5.5 million incoming invoices per year to electronic. So what can the private sector learn from all of this? Olav Astad Kristiansen shares:

  • How you can set up e-invoicing using the PEPPOL infrastructure in your organisation
  • What ‘political stance’ you should adopt to maximise your supplier onboarding
  • Why keeping it simple for SMEs works

Olav Astad Kristiansen
Senior Advisor, Project Manager e-invoice

16.30 Tour the networks
Understand the differences between the solution providers? They all sound the same, don’t they? Well, they’re not. Ariba is different fromTradeshift which is different from OB10 which is different to Certipost. Join these non-salesy demos where each provider will give you a tour of the solution, looking at features and functionality.


16.30 Room 1: Ariba Tour

17.00 Room 1: Tradeshift Tour

17.30 Room 1: Inexchange Tour


16.30 Room 2: OB10 Tour

17.00 Room 2: Certipost Tour


18.00 Chair’s close and cocktail reception sponsored by OB10


DAY 2: Thursday 5th July 2012


08.30 Registration and coffee

09.00 Takeaways from conference day one
What did you get from yesterday? What is immediately applicable? What does your action plan look like? Susie West will share her top takeaways and invite you to share some of yours.

Susie West

09.40 Project set-up is critical – the rest is detail
This case study will examine the key milestones that make up a successful project. Who should lead the team? How ‘full time’ does a project manager need to be? How and why should finance, procurement, IT and treasury connect during the project? This session will answer these questions and examine the results that come from getting this piece right.

Jean Sion
e-Business Manager

Wilco Veldhuizen
e-Invoice Specialist
Johnson & Johnson

10.30 Morning coffee and Tradeshift demo

11.00 Live debate: the full impact of interoperability
Does interoperability really work in a market which isn’t yet mature? As a concept, everyone gets interoperability. But in practice, how do you get this rocket to launch and what does life look like after successful take off? Join service providers and end users during this live debate.

Moderated by:

Charles Bryant
European e-Invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA)

Service providers represented: Ariba, OB10, Certipost and Tradeshift

11.45 How can I ensure e-invoicing compliance within my business?
With European legislation allowing more options for e-invoicing VAT compliance from 2013, what methods are available to keep the tax man happy? This session will explain why it is unproductive to debate whether “to sign or not to sign” e-invoices, and that before considering the how, companies should spend more time to understand what tax administrations want to check and why. The session will focus on key factors to be taken into account when developing a compliance strategy for your business, including:

  • Markets and jurisdictions
  • Levels of complexity and change
  • What existing documents and data can contribute to an adequate evidence position (and what cannot)
  • Re-defining “cost-effective” – some often-overlooked potential cost factors.

Christiaan van der Valk
Trust Weaver

12.15 Is there life outside e-invoicing?
Service providers are now offering extended functionality. Ariba sees the invoice as a means to an end and cater for 16 other transaction flows outside the invoice. Tradeshift offers apps for suppliers. And OB10 offers value-add services such as early payment discounting through its supplier portal. In this session hear how organisations are effectively leveraging the functionality outside the invoice.

Tom Vanautryve
Global E-commerce Manager

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Service provider panel: What pricing model should you adopt for e-invoicing?
Imagine having the chance to hear from and question the major e-invoicing service providers
about the three main pricing models available on the market:
1. A fixed charge per invoice for suppliers
2. A charge to suppliers based of the % value of each invoice
3. Suppliers paying no fees and buyers bearing the cost
You could get to the bottom of why they charge the way they do. Welcome to our service provider panel, exploring the pros and cons of each model. Leave confident that the pricing model you choose is the best one for your organisation.

Ruud van Hilten

Christian Lanng

Alexis Renard
former CEO of b-proces and now Director General

Thordur Erlingsson
Founder and CEO


14.45 Case studies on the results of following critical success factors
In this session, leading e-invoicing practitioners share their e-invoicing volumes and improvements in key metrics, such as first time match rates, payments on time and PO compliance, and highlight the single biggest contributing factor to their success.

15.30 Afternoon tea and OB10 demo

16.00 Roundtable 3: time to architect your strategy
You will be amazed by the content you have picked up from fellow delegates, service providers and policy influences. Now is the time to draw up the beginnings of an actionable plan and be ready to share it with the delegation. Next stop – project success!

Facilitated by:

Susie West

17.00 Raffle awards and conference close


We have highly discounted prices for early registrants.

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e-Invoicing Europe 2012

3rd-5th July 2012


Tuesday 3rd July 2012

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Choose up to three Learning Labs from Morning Lab, Lunchtime Lab and Afternoon Lab:

Morning Lab (9.15 - 12.15)

Learning Lab A: Invoicing: it doesn’t have to be difficult

Invoicing is a time-consuming operation for any type of business or organisation. With the majority of invoices still being sent through the post or as PDFs via email, organisations spend significant time and resource inputing data into financial systems and managing enquiries from suppliers chasing payment. Surely, in this digital age, there has to be a be a better way?

If all invoices are created and managed electronically (and no, that doesn’t mean via PDF) then most of the hassle and administration simply disappears. Join this three-hour learning lab to:

  • Hear more about Tradeshift’s survey results from their recent research covering 1000 companies across Europe and the US
  • Understand what are barriers of supplier adoption rates
  • Examine how the Tradeshift business model differentiates from competitors by providing 100% free e-invoicing to suppliers
  • Find out how Tradeshift’s structured, automated approach delivers the highest levels of on-going adoption and participation
  • How to achieve rapid ROI by having a higher percentage of suppliers on your network


Learning Lab facilitator
Lars Møch and Alan Gill


Lunchtime Lab - includes working lunch (12.30 15.15)

Learning Lab B: Using e-invoicing to strengthen your working capital

Through compliant and transparent processes, e-Invoicing can radically improve your ability to manage and allocate your working capital and capture discounts from suppliers. This results in stronger vendor relations and ensures you gain maximum return on your available capital.

In this learning lab, join Ruud van Hilten to:

  • Understand the relationship between e-Invoicing and your working capital management
  • Learn how process speed and better data accuracy will change your world
  • Build a business case that mitigates risk and sets the right performance indicators
  • Learn how to engage with and onboard your suppliers from the outset
  • Understand which variables impact supplier uptake and how this impacts your working capital management
  • Design the right solution portfolio including purchase orders, payment status updates and supply chain financing
  • Take the e-Invoicing readiness assessment to benchmark your current state
  • Build on the knowledge and experience from our network of global customers

Learning Lab facilitator
Ruud van Hilten


Afternoon Lab (15.30 – 18.30)

Learning Lab C:  Winning supplier enablement strategies: how to motivate suppliers to move away from paper and embrace your e-invoicing initiative

e-Invoicing offers many benefits to organisations looking to eliminate paper and reduce invoice processing costs, but often overlooked is the supplier enablement component. This learning lab will explore all the facets of engaging with your suppliers to ensure they support your e-invoicing project.

Attend this excellent session and learn how you can apply proven supplier enablement approaches to:

  • Achieve 85% enrolment of targeted global suppliers, of any size and in any location, in a few months
  • Easily monitor supplier onboarding progress for PO and invoice automation, at any stage, to expedite results
  • Examine how the unique model of 100% free e-invoicing to suppliers works in practice
  • Find out how to attain the highest levels of on-going adoption and participation
  • Promote early payment discount opportunities and provide flexible liquidity options to suppliers, including receivables finance and dynamic discounting

Learning Lab facilitator
Ian Ronayne


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