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Enterprise social networking for shared services – unleash intelligence to enhance your SSO performance

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Enterprise social networking for shared services – unleash intelligence to enhance your SSO performance

22nd March 2012

Download the slides now


Download the slides now

We all know that the shared services concept is pinned around process. And process is derived from 3 components – people, systems and organisation.

The more ‘glued together’ your people, systems and organisation, the cleaner and more powerful your process will inevitably become.

Most often, and organisation has excellent people, a comprehensive organisation, but the capabilities offered by the technology seems to push a frustrating ceiling on the process potential.

What if you had technology in your organisation that served as a user-friendly, exciting platform that allowed you to tap into the company’s intelligence in a way that simply wasn’t available before?

Watch this webinar to find out how shared services can race into an exciting age where:

  • Communication channels open up though out the business, to help the shared services organisation move into a whole new level of performance
  • Process compliancy is fun and rewarding and engages the whole company in an enthralling way
  • Users are informed in real time of questions and activities that concern them so problems are solved quickly
  • Intelligence that sits in the business is mined and connected in an elegant, easy, real time fashion
  • New levels of collaboration exists across the business and across dispersed teams to drive the business forward
  • Data that sits in your ERP or CRM can feed into this platform and update respective groups/alert users when beneficial and serves the company’s intentions

It’s technology like this which is taking shared services from a static organisation to a dynamic, intelligent body that actually provides the company with a competitive edge.

Download the slides now

Presenting this webinar


Susie West

Susie West 


Nigel Kilpatrick

Nigel Kilpatrick
a TIBCO company


Susie West

Susie West


Susie West is the Founder and CEO of She set up this business community in 2007 having spent too many hours going to too many conferences as a sponsor, and feeling cheated by the experience. The excitement building up to a conference was routinely replaced by disappointment at the event. Where was the va-va-vroom that was promised? Where was the spark that would ignite ideas? Where was the practical information that was going to change the lives of the delegates?Susie had set up and run a division for a conference company before and knew the business model. She left e-invoicing solution provider OB10 where she had been been in sales, and set up what is now recognised as the leading community and information provider in the shared services space. “If you really care about your customers, and you want to have a wholly positive impact on their lives, your business can flourish. Our central focus is to inspire our delegates at our events and through our webinars, and send them back to the office pumped up and ready to drive through the change they need to, which will secure business success” says West.With twelve years in shared services Susie is excellently places to chair each of the conferences and webinars. She speaks regularly at external events. 

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