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How to utilise SAP to create value in these turbulent economic times

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How to utilise SAP to create value in these turbulent economic times

22nd February 2012

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The global recession and the Euro crisis has led to an unexpected problem for large corporates. Multinationals are withdrawing investments from the money markets and bringing cash back within their four walls.

The result?

Bolstered cash reserves. In fact companies are sitting on the highest amount of cash since the 1950s. The issue is this cash is sitting there, fallow, failing to work for the business.

Coupled with this, smaller businesses and suppliers are struggling with cash flow and staying afloat. Banks continue to make lending difficult, bureaucratic and expensive, and suppliers find themselves cash strapped and struggling to innovate as a result.

The solution?

Dynamic discounting.

But what does this mean and how do shared services organisations maximise the opportunity?

This excellent webinar is examining:

  • How dynamic discounting offers low risk returns for large corporates
  • How dynamic discounting provides a cheaper line of credit for suppliers
  • How the technology is best set up to make dynamic discounting seamless and efficient
  • What the business case and ROI look like
  • The critical success factors to rolling out dynamic discounting to its optimum effect

Watch this excellent webinar to educate yourself on the full impact that dynamic discounting can have on your bottom line.

Download the slides now

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