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The three secrets to delighting your shared services customers

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The three secrets to delighting your shared services customers

September 1st 2011

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View this webinar to hear key secrets of how 3 shared services thought leaders are transforming their SSOs to delight their customers:

1) Using continuous process improvement tools that work for shared services

Continuous improvement (C.I.) tools are a fantastic way to maintain quality control and root out areas of waste in your processes. But when applied in a service environment, they often seem too resource-intensive for the return they provide in efficiency savings. So in a shared services operation (SSO), what tools should companies be using to generate year-on-year productivity improvements and cost savings without taking up too much resource to manage your C.I. program? One shared services leader shares their views on what works and how this has made a difference to their SSO.

Keith Dunnell, Vice President, HR Shared Services North America at Siemens

2) What does 2012 value-added service delivery look like?

Everyone talks about moving up the value chain. But what does that mean in 2012? What new activities can your shared services operation deliver to your customers? Deciding in which direction you want to go can be tough, so one thought leader shares tips on what they did to prepare for a new level of value in their shared services delivery, why they decided to choose this route and how they did it.

Chris Gattenio, Vice President, F&A Practice, IBM Global Process Services 

3) Creating customer-centric shared services by building a ‘customer service manifesto’

'The customer is always right'. If you keep this principal in mind, you will have happy customers in your shared services operation. But it's not always that easy. With resources being diverted to various projects, such as ERP implementations, process improvement projects, outsourcing, etc, often shared services leaders lose sight of their customers’ needs. One leader reveals how their SSO communicates with their customers to reflect their constantly evolving needs and how they are able to deliver to these as quickly and effectively as possible.

John Hall, Senior Vice President, DSM Business Support

Download the slides now


Keith Dunnell

Keith Dunnell,
VP HR Shared Services North America


Chris Gattenio,
Vice President, F&A Practice,
IBM Global Process Services


John Hall 

John Hall,

SVP Business Support,



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