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Jumpstart an ailing shared services with finance transformation


In this presentation from The European Summit for Leaders in Finance Shared Services and Outsourcing 2012, Bob Leenen, Finance Director at Ingersoll Rand, explains how finance transformation programs can revitalise your shared services.

Why move your SSC to a high-cost location?


Cheap operating costs may be appealing to you. But have you considered the price of your service quality deteriorating? Merck Shared Services established SSCs in high-cost locations such as Germany and the US. Why so?

Nokia’s procurement shared services story and its ‘3C formula’ for success


One of the best ways to learn what are the key elements for shared services success and what things you should watch out for on your shared services journey is to hear how others have already done it.

Toning up your shared services operation for elite performance


Wouldn't you like to have the power to transform any SSO into one recognised externally as a high performing SSO?

Shared services next top model: what operating model would you vote for?


In this presentation, Tim Long from GEODIS, discusses 4 potential operating models shared services organisations can adopt and how you can sell it to senior management.

How can you make process improvements easier to realise?

Anna Bowsher, Reseacher18.01.2013

“Let’s make process improvements and quickly” - a typical comment from your CFO to ensure they meet their targets.

The 9 big issues of shared services and outsourcing: research insights from ACCA


Which direction is shared services heading? This session explores the top nine key issues unravelled through in-depth interviews with 20 of the world’s leading companies.

The 7 culture traits to take you to a customer-focused shared services operation


Unisys, a major integrator and outsourcer for IT tasks and had a mature shared service center with a focus on “value add” activities. At last year’s Summit for Leaders in Shared Services, Unisys presented on how they identified the culture traits that support the shared service center as well as the wider business.

How to prepare for outsourcing, choose the right partner and negotiate the best deal


Approaching outsourcing, given the disruption involved, can be very unsettling for you. Here is some advice on how to prepare for outsourcing.

1 to 10 of 208 results