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Anersum selects Perceptive Intelligent Capture for processing of international trade documents

NewsAnna Bowsher, Reseacher22.02.2013 Comments (0)Bookmark

It has been announced that Anersum, a Mexico-based provider of innovative solutions, including international trade and compliance services, has selected Perceptive Intelligent Capture, powered by Brainware, to enable efficient and accurate processing of international trade documents.

In addition to offering customers a scalable, reliable platform for handling these vital documents, Anersum believes that by introducing intelligent data capture (IDC) technology, they will enable productivity enhancements that do not currently exist in the market.

By fortifying their Quantum Virtual Compliance Office solution for international trade with IDC capabilities, Anersum will be empowered to offer customers a streamlined, reliable and low-cost platform for import and export processes and operations.

Anersum will also incorporate IDC as a component of their accounts payable offering. This offering will accept not only paper invoices, but also electronic invoices, in keeping with the Mexican government’s mandate to use electronic invoices. The designed platform will integrate with SAP and Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, as well as QAD Manufacturing Pro material requirements planning (MRP) systems.

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