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Case for e-invoicing in government strengthened in report

NewsMatthew Garrow-Fisher, Head of ResearchContent Plus22.05.2012 Comments (2)Bookmark

Encouraging businesses to adopt greater financial controls through e-invoicing is a challenge, but one of the biggest resistors to the technology are governments. A new report has highlighted where e-invoicing could be of financial benefit across departments.…

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Roelof Oosters NA 24.05.2012

We found out that the report ( has no reference what so ever to: billing, invoicing, invoice and so on! So where did you come up with the information on e-invoicing?

James R. Clawson Lake Forest iPayables 22.05.2012

Several Governments are taking E-invoicing very seriously.

Concerning Taiwan's impressive E-invoicing Initiative Frisco De Jong was quoted as saying that,

"If his estimates prove correct, it would be a fast turnaround. In March FutureGov reported that 50,000 electronic transactions had been registered, so the growth rate is already pretty impressive."