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Hallmark to provide comprehensive e-invoicing and dynamic discounting

NewsSusie West, CEO15.02.2013 Comments (0)Bookmark

It has been announced that Hallmark has chosen Taulia to provide a comprehensive suite of services, including e-invoicing, dynamic discounting and supplier self-services. The one of the largest greeting card brands in the world, Hallmark has long been a technology leader in bringing innovative products to consumers. The company wanted to extend that leadership by providing its suppliers a unique value proposition - comprehensive e-invoicing and self-services, delivered by a dedicated on-board team at no cost to suppliers.

Hallmark decided on Taulia after conducting a review of a wide variety of solutions on the market, examining everything from IT capabilities to conducting user evaluations in accounting, procurement and treasury. Taulia’s unique position as the only solution that fully integrates with SAP as a certified add-on made it stand out above the other platforms.

“At Hallmark we treasure our relationships with our suppliers and recognize the valuable impact they play in our company’s success,” said Nick Arthur, senior strategic buyer at Hallmark. “We wanted to enhance their experience with Hallmark through a more convenient, flexible and technologically advanced e-invoicing platform, which also gives them the opportunity to negotiate payments on their invoices to Hallmark and be more fully aware of the invoice process from submission through payment. Our extensive evaluation period led us to choose Taulia for its ability to provide our suppliers with comprehensive tools and superior access to data, all without charging them a single penny.”

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