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Henkel Czech Republic extends the project of paperless invoicing

NewsAnna Bowsher, Reseacher26.06.2012 Comments (1)Bookmark

Henkel Czech Republic, in co-operation with its business partners, is gradually introducing the project of paperless invoicing. Since February this year, 45 corporate partners have started receiving invoices in the PDF format via electronic communication. During last week, the number of co-operating companies has rapidly increased on nearly 120 partners. This will save 100 kilograms of paper every year. This is another initiative forming part of Henkel’s sustainability strategy.

Henkel CR is further developing electronic communication within the company and with its business partners and moving from paper to electronic invoices. “In February, we addressed the first partners in our Adhesive Technologies business sector, and met with huge interest and a very positive response from companies. Electronic invoicing was in place with more than thirty business partners in the space of one month,” says Eva Malíková, Customer Service Manager, Henkel CR. At this point, almost 120 firms use paperless invoicing across all sectors of the company, led by Rossmann, Ahold CR, Škoda Plzeň and Koh-i-noor Hardmuth.

In this way, Henkel CR pursues the goal of its corporate sustainability strategy, which is to deliver higher value using fewer resources and by 2030 to triple its rate of efficiency. “Approximately 100 kilograms of paper can be saved on standard invoicing alone, given the current number of partners. Electronic invoicing brings both our partners and our company major financial and time savings, streamlines all processes and simplifies archiving”, said Eva Malíková recounting the benefits. The project is interesting, among other things, thanks to the fact that it did not require any new systems to be implemented. Henkel just used an existing interface of the SAP enterprise resource planning system.

Henkel CR uses the Orion consolidation centre services for electronic billing. The centre distributes the documents and also archives them securely in accordance with the legislation in force. The Orion Centre is operated by CCV Informační systémy.

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James R. Clawson Lake Forest iPayables 29.06.2012

Great strides are taking place with Electronic Invoicing making it now the preferred way to do business!