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Purchase-to-pay 'needs strong relationship between buyers and AP'

NewsMatthew Garrow-Fisher, Head of ResearchContent Plus30.05.2012 Comments (1)Bookmark

In order for purchase to pay (P2P) to run smoothly, buyers and accounts payable (AP) departments must have a good relationship and communicate well with each other. This can pose a challenge, however, as historically the two departments do not communicate,…

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john vasili invapay 30.05.2012

Matthew good content from David and Kathryn, this subject was discussed in dept at SSOW with BT, GSK,BP, TATA a number of global CPO's & CFO's who all agreed on 9 key areas to focus on for success with intelligent management of purchase & pay inclusive of intelligent dynamic working capital management ,the take away’s & additional information can be found on