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Saphety joins EESPA in developing an eco-system for service suppliers

NewsSarah Feurey, Head of Research03.09.2012 Comments (0)Bookmark

Portuguese company Saphety, which specialises in solutions to automate business processes, has joined with other members of the European e-Invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA) to launch an inter-operable eco-system for service providers from November.

A draft Model Interoperability Agreement will be created to allow for interoperation between service providers in order to provide a better offering to customers. The system will incorporate existing means of electronic invoicing compliance in order to find a structure that meets the needs of all current and future members of EESPA. Out of the total of more than 50 members in Europe, Saphety is one of only two Portuguese companies working as part of the group.

Miguel Zegre, Marketing Manager for Saphety said, “This year, we are working closely with the EESPA, as a means of furthering two of our major current objectives, namely international expansion and generalising the use of electronic invoicing. We believe that we have the ability to contribute towards to set up of an ecosystem that facilitates relationships between companies, suppliers and final customers, and that we can bring added value to the work of the EESPA in this area. “

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