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The Paypers E-Invoicing Market Guide 2012 - Insights in the worldwide e-invoicing market

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The second edition of the upcoming E-Invoicing Market Guide 2012 put together by The Paypers aims to continue and expand the scope of a unique initiative – that of creating a comprehensive overview of the e-invoicing ecosystem, mapping out on-going initiatives, success stories and industry players in the global e-invoicing market.

The E-Invoicing Market Guide 2012 will feature valuable insight from key members of the e-invoicing, e-billing and supply chain financing ecosystem, be they industry associations and stakeholders, top professionals and actual industry players - buyers, suppliers, processors, facilitators or third-parties.

The Guide will feature a three-part structure, with Part 1 dedicated to insight from industry stakeholders and associations involved in the global e-invoicing ecosystem.

Part 2 is a section dedicated to exposing expert views, opinion pieces and exposés on key aspects of the global e-invoicing / e-billing space, such as interoperability, key trends in supply chain financing, alternative cash management strategies, unlocking e-invoicing potential for SMEs etc.

Part 3 will present in-depth company profiles mapping out over 250 key players in the global e-invoicing / e-billing industry.

Also, an enhanced online company profiles database with advanced search functionality will complement the PDF version of the Guide, allowing readers unprecedented access to and visibility into the global e-invoicing / e-billing space.

What the E-Invoicing Market Guide 2012 aims to do

The E-invoicing Market Guide 2012 aims to provide an arena where voices from all across the industry – stakeholders, e-invoicing services providers, technology companies, billers – can expose their vision, previous and current experiences with e-invoicing services implementations, successful partnerships in the area, etc.

The E-Invoicing Market Guide 2012 will include a state of-the-art list featuring the most relevant on-going initiatives, be they EIPP / EBPP, credit management, platforms or else technology developments and trials. For leading market players who wish to provide their successful initiatives with increased market exposure, the Guide offers the chance to present their products and services more in-depth (in Part 2) and share their vision on success in the e-invoicing industry with The Paypers global readership.

For more information about the E-Invoicing Market Guide 2012, visit the dedicated Guide web page or else contact The Paypers directly by emailing us at

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