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Turkish Airlines takes off with first phase of major SAP software implementation

NewsSusie West, CEO24.10.2012 Comments (0)Bookmark

Turkish Airlines have completed the first phase of its large-scale implementation of SAP. Turkish Airlines selected the enterprise resource planning application SAP to increase operational efficiency and to gain momentum for global business processes.

Processes and functions in non-operational procurement, sales, inventory, and equipment and installation maintenance have been migrated into the SAP system. Finance and controlling solutions are now live and accessible to Turkish Airlines employees.

The implementation was delivered by an international team of approximately 250 people — 150 Turkish Airlines employees and more than 100 SAP consultants from 10 countries, including Turkey, South Africa, India, Germany and Italy.

"With this step, we made a significant progress on our journey to operational excellence" said Temel Kotil, CEO, Turkish Airlines. "We will keep moving toward this target with the next phases of the project"

The second phase of Turkish Airline’s SAP implementation will focus on human resources processes, and is planned for January 2013. The project cycle is targeted to be completed by the end of 2013, with execution of operational procurement profitability, long-term planning, e-recruitment and performance management.

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