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Automation through external tax engine

Presentation04.04.2012 Bookmark

Caterpillar has decided to use an external tax engine to manage the VAT determination on its AP invoices and is in the designing and testing phases. In this presentation from the SAP Control for VAT Compliance conference 2011, Patricia Oakley, VAT Process Improvement Manager at CATERPILLAR, shares what prompted Caterpillar to opt for an external solution and provide practical insight as to how the external solution compares with the status quo, as well as early success and pain indicators. VAT errors associated with booking AP invoices can significantly increase the risk of VAT non-compliance. This session explores how VAT professionals have used both manual controls and system automation in different environments to transform the accuracy of VAT coding on AP transactions towards 100%.

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SAP Control for VAT Compliance, SAP, VAT, conference 2011, SAP conference, Patricia Oakley, CATERPILLAR