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Aligning SAP® with finance shared services needs

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Aligning SAP® with finance shared services needs

How to enhance your service offering by enabling end-to-end process excellence

11th - 13th September 2012, London 

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"Useful chance to see the industry"

James Bull
Marks & Spencer

"Great to share knowledge and skills"

David Anderson
Moy Park

One of the top challenges faced by shared services and finance operations leaders is rolling out an ERP system such as SAP. Even once rolled out, how do you ensure that you are getting the most from your SAP system and delivering real ROI to your company? How can you leverage the tool to deliver truly end-to-end financial processes?

With streamed, focused sessions covering finance processes such as record to report, order to cash, accounts payable, VAT and business intelligence, Aligning SAP® with finance shared services needs will offer you the insight you need to ensure that all your finance operations deliver best-in-class results in 2012 and beyond.

3 key ways this event will help you derive more value from your SAP systems:

  1. Find out from your peers how they are using SAP to automate finance operations and deliver real cost efficiencies
  2. Discover what bolt-on technologies are available and whether they are worth the investment to your business
  3. Tighten up your reporting processes for greater control and visibility and enhanced business intelligence that will allow you to make fast, informed strategic decisions

Whether you are just starting to roll out SAP, are operating on a single instance or with multiple regional instances of SAP, this event will prove incredibly valuable. Listen to tried and tested strategies from end users who like you, are under pressure to reduce back office costs and demonstrate real ROI for their department.

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Aligning SAP® with finance shared services needs

How to enhance your service offering by enabling end-to-end process excellence

11th - 13th September 2012, London

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Day 1 - Wednesday 12th September, 2012

08.15 Registration and coffee

08.45 Top five tips for tightening your finance processes within SAP®

Attaining end-to-end processes is key to delivering real process excellence in your finance department.

Having invested heavily in your ERP systems, you would think that it automatically supports your finance processes but as you well know that is not the case! This session will cover the five core pillars you need in order to ensure that SAP® really does underpin your finance processes.

Susie West

09.45 What’s new in SAP®: an overview of how SAP® innovations add value to your existing SAP® investment

This session will focus on how the latest innovations from SAP®, such as mobile, in-memory and cloud, can bring additional value to finance users. This can be completed in a non-disruptive way bringing you insight into big data, real-time access to financial data and speed in your
planning and reporting.

Adrian Simpson

10.45 Morning coffee

11.15 What are the critical success factors for getting SAP® to optimise end-to-end processes?

Obviously there are certain factors that are key to making SAP® work well for end-to-end financial processes. This session looks at what some of your peers have experienced to be critical success factors as well as learning from your facilitator, Luis da Costa, about his experiences. Discover what factors were absolutely essential for his projects to avoid failure so that your financial processes can thrive and achieve operational excellence!

Luis da Costa
IT Program Manager

12.30 The speaker clinic

An opportunity to ask your questions face to face with this morning’s speakers in small groups and really get the detail you are after.

13.00 Networking lunch

Streamed Sessions

Stream A: Purchase-to-Pay

14.00 Exploiting the shared service centre model to streamline P2P processes with almost no discrepancies between international entities

Do you struggle to get full visibility over your P2P process to ensure that the most profitable decisions are being made for your company? Sonae Industria is a global company with more than 70 company codes and 26 plants in 7 countries. Despite operating on a single global instance, they found they weren’t capitalising on all the benefits available for optimum productivity and profitability. This session is a must-attend if you want to discover how to really get the most from SAP® and your shared
service centre model to streamline your AP processes.

Susie West


Stream B: Order to cash

14.00 Automating ALL your banking transactions can be as easy as ABC. Find out how…

Do you struggle to match incoming payments? Is reconciliation a dreaded and tedious process at your business? It needn’t be. In this case study Honeywell will address exactly how they have automated all their banking transactions from AP clearing, cash handling and debt management... As far as finance departments go, Honeywell is incredibly large and complex with 128 bank accounts across Europe and 20,000-30,000 transactions per day so this has really transformed the business and as this session will illustrate, they’ve had some great results.

Praveen Achuthan
Project Manager, Customer To Cash

14.40 What are the key tools required to make your P2P process truly automated for end-to-end efficiency?

What makes one purchase-to-pay operation touchless and the next one manual and inefficient? If you could answer this question, how impactful would that be on the projects you invest time into over the next twelve months? This powerful interactive session will share with you results of a study looking at the four truths that explain what makes a purchase-to-pay operation touchless, as well as getting valuable feedback and experiences from your peers in the audience. An invaluable learning opportunity!

Sérgio Mota
IT FI/CO Manager
Sonae Industria



14.40 Examining what the essential ingredients are for optimising your order-to-cash cycle to free up working capital

Is your order-to-cash cycle integrated, automated and transparent? Getting this cycle right can enable your company to make better forecasting decisions and manage cash flow more efficiently, improving customer and third-party relations. Discover from your peers how they are exploiting SAP® for operational efficiency in their order-to-cash cycle and take home practical skills to implement in the office.

Interactive Session


15.20 Afternoon refreshments

15.50 An agile approach to delivering financial information

Right now, most finance departments are under increasing pressure to deliver more, faster and at a lower cost. The BBC is not immune to such pressures, and with data scattered across 30 operating divisions (and numerous systems) generating meaningful, value-adding
management information was a significant challenge. This session will review the changes in delivery strategy adopted by the BBC in order to make a significant step change in the agility and value of financial information, as well as reviewing some of the solutions developed using the
SAP® Business Objects toolset.

Simon Griffiths
Data and Reporting Improvement Manager

16.30 How to ensure that your shared service centre can stand on its own two feet post go-live!

What should SAP® look like before go-live? What are the common mistakes made that can cost companies hundreds of thousands of pounds because of lack of preparation? What factors can lead to very upset staff and customers if not managed carefully? Make sure you aren’t caught out! Attend this valuable session to discover how your ERP should be supporting your shared services.

Robert Duncan
Former Head of Shared Services, Department for Transport and Former Head of Transactional Services
Bristol City Council

17.10 Debating which should come first – SAP® or shared services? - Interactive Session

Your company may have several ERPs, especially after a merger or acquisition. Do you align your technology before migrating to shared services or is it more cost effective to wait until you have gone live and are stable?
• Arguments from two differing viewpoints
• The effect your decision has on factors such as staff retention and recruitment at your new SSC
• What would be the best choice for you?

Susie West

17.45 Chair’s close

DAY 2 - Thursday 13th September 2012

08:15 Morning coffee

08:45 Top tips learnt from day one

Susie West

09:30 Deploying a single global instance of SAP®: How you can really make it work!

How can you really ensure that your financial processes are adopted (not adapted) in every location to achieve a true single instance of SAP®? Luis will discuss his experiences managing large-scale implementations at both a major global telecommunications and an oil and gas company to deliver a single global instance of SAP® which could then be exploited for operational excellence. A must-attend session for those embarking on projects where you are even just aiming to reduce the number of instances of SAP® you operate on.

Luis da Costa
IT Program Manager

10:10 Are governance activities the key to achieving seamless end-to-end process efficiency?

Which SAP® violations are considered important? How valuable is it to redesign roles for non-business users? Marks & Spencer have been implementing a governance and compliance project across all financial processes to really crack down on non-compliance. Their tools will create roles which allow non-business users to access relevant and necessary data but also create restrictions to protect sensitive intellectual property. This session will identify what their major governance challenges were, why the business faced these issues and how to develop a project plan and identify appropriate technologies to improve resolution time and compliance across the business.

James Bull
Head of Business Support
Marks & Spencer

10.50 Morning coffee

11:20 Mastering your global role and security strategy to reduce costs and enhance speed and usability across the business

Does your organisation waste valuable time setting up new SAP® users manually? Are you looking to avoid manual errors and costs that can arise when setting up users manually? This session looks at how Vodafone integrated Oracle Identity Management and SAP® GRC Compliant User Provisioning (CUP) across core markets as part of its global deployment of a common SAP platform. You must attend this session if you are looking to automate your global SAP user management process for reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Nick Tuffs
Principle Project Manager, Global Identity Access

Reporting & Business Intelligence

12:00 Key tips for focusing on control and visibility of your data in SAP® for quality business intelligence

Pentland Brands’ rollout of SAP® ECC6 was completed over two years ago. With a stable platform and well-embedded processes in the brands, they wanted to leverage that investment with an executive level performance measure and reporting dashboard. This session will uncover three key stages in their journey; nurturing a performance management culture, standardising reporting and definitions and finally, establishing a self-service dashboard that drives informed decision making.

Fiona Kane
BI Project Manager
Pentland Brands

12.40 The speaker clinic

13.10 Networking lunch

14.10 Getting to the roots of your profitability reporting challenges within SAP®

Do you struggle to get visibility on the profitability of your customer transactions? This session will examine how you can use SAP® to develop a reliable profitability reporting capability allowing you to analyse profitability and make smarter business decisions. Get to the roots of your biggest challenges and learn how to get detailed insight into your profitability across different channels, segments and customer groups.

Tim Hatcher
Former SAP Finance Lead

14.50 Three winning strategies for optimising SAP® to deliver true end-to-end financial reporting

Volvo has recently undergone major changes transforming how they are running their financial department and can now finally say that they are really delivering process excellence in financial reporting. So many of you have told us that reporting is your number one sticking point when it comes to getting SAP® to deliver smooth, fast and usable reporting capabilities. This session will reveal exactly how Volvo have found critical integration points to remodel SAP® in their business and maximise the utility to end-users. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear what factors were critical to their success and learn from their journey!

Staffan Kullberg
Vice President F&A Development
Volvo Group Busines Services

15.30 Afternoon refreshments

16.00 Examining how to identify key reporting requirements needed and how to develop those capabilities within SAP®

Getting smarter reports and quickly is the number one reporting challenge for our website members. How can you tailor your systems to deliver the information you need to make better business decisions? This session examines how the Royal Mail went about identifying their key reporting challenges and what they needed in order to deliver more meaningful reports that would empower better business decisions. Don’t miss this invaluable session from a company who won a SAP® Quality Award for implementation on this project!

Stephen Handley
Project Manager
Royal Mail

16.40 The secret ingredients to ensure SAP® is successfully supporting your VAT processes - Interactive Session

An opportunity to hear from your speaker panel how they are configuring SAP® for VAT and put your questions to the panel in order to derive practical strategies you can implement back in the office.

Panellists include:

Karel Van Duijvenbode
Senior Tax Analyst
Air Products UK

Susie West

17.20 How to connect the language of IT and finance to ensure the delivery of the perfect finance platform

When investing in SAP® we all have the same goals in mind – to provide business intelligence through improved visibility of data, process elegance and performance excellence. But the deployment of SAP® is not a simple one. It requires massive change and crucially, alignment between IT and the business functions. This session looks at what can be done to align end-to-end process needs with the system landscape in order to deliver the perfect finance platform.

Susie West

17.50 Exploiting SAP® to achieve the real value that comes from end-to-end financial processes

Chair’s summation

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Aligning SAP® with finance shared services needs

How to enhance your service offering by enabling end-to-end process excellence

11th - 13th September 2012, London

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Tuesday 11th September 2012


Learning Lab A

08.15 – 11.15 Maximising Automation & Systems

How to maximise SAP® automation to enhance purchase-to-pay, master-data management and order-to-cash processes

As a shared services director or manager running your shared services operation off SAP®, you will be very familiar with limitations that can impact daily activities. Processes like purchase to pay, order to cash and master data management rely heavily on the functionality of SAP®. Issues such as fragmented communications with subsidiaries, suppliers, customers and internal functions, or poor visibility and auditability of your process management can lead to a shared service under delivering.

In this fascinating learning lab, you will learn how you can:

  • Create a scalable and repeatable model for revenue enrichment and cost reduction
  • Take advantage of flexible solutions on-premise, on-line or offshore
  • Automate the bulk of your shared services’ processes and transactions
  • Accelerate the speed at which you standardise your vendor master data, financial processes and reporting

Learning Lab facilitator
SAP® Consultant, ReadSoft

Learning Lab B

08.15 – 11.15 Enforcing Process Compliancy

Everything an SAP® or a finance professional needs to know about European VAT

Understand VAT-talk? Complying with European VAT legislation across multiple legal entities and reporting jurisdictions is an increasingly complex and costly burden.

This session will cover the essentials to up-skill SAP®/IT and Finance professionals, covering:

  • Legal framework
  • Inputs vs outputs
  • Goods vs services
  • Place of supply rules
  • Intra-community flows
  • Acquisition and reverse-charge VAT
  • Import and export flows
  • Triangulation flows
  • Distance selling
  • VAT deduction & partial exemption
  • VAT returns
  • EC Sales Lists & Intrastats

Who should attend:

  • SAP®/IT, PMO professionals
  • Finance/tax professionals
  • Anyone wanting to get a solid foundation on European VAT and some of the complex requirements

Learning Lab facilitator
Nazar ZaidiMeridian Global Services 


Learning Lab C

11.30 – 14.30 (includes working lunch) - Maximising Automation & Systems

Next-generation accounts payable – leveraging your core ERP and building fully integrated, automated and streamlined processes across the entire P2P area

Too many companies in the past deployed discrete technology solutions as the way to solve their account payable (AP) issues. Most organisations did see some improvement in parts of the process but many moved efforts from one area to another.

Those companies who are the highest on the maturity curve are leveraging next-generation AP practices that take a more integrated, end-to-end process-orientated approach to ensure that the entire process is highly efficient and companies leverage integrated technology to their SAP® ERP for improved results.

This informative workshop will outline:

  • The business case for moving to next-generation AP practices
  • Benchmark yourself – take a readiness survey
  • Share best practices and learn how to build a roadmap for success
  • How to turn accounts payable into a profit centre
  • Hear from SAP® experts how you can get more value from your SAP® investment
  • Hear how other leading companies have adopted best practices

Learning Lab facilitator
Gerard Moran, OpenText

Learning Lab D
14.45 – 17.45 Organisation Optimisation

Collaborative process excellence: how to optimise and then continuously improve your end-to-end financial processes

This powerful learning lab will show you how to:

  • Attain visibility of end-to-end processes and their performance
  • Improve service delivery and customer experience via process standardisation and transparency
  • Improve collaboration between all process stakeholders including shared service staff, process owners, SAP®/IT, compliance and customers
  • Engage all employees in continuous process improvement
  • Accelerate the speed at which you implement, adopt, upgrade, improve and consolidate your SAP® landscape.

Learning Lab facilitator
David Easterbrook, Nimbus

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Aligning SAP® with finance shared services needs

How to enhance your service offering by enabling end-to-end process excellence

11th - 13th September 2012


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